My Yum-Yum Shoppe

Welcome to my yum-yum shoppe! Please purchase something from me today. If you do, you must link back my site in your cart next to the item you purchased from me. Thank you for shopping, come again!

Item Description
Pastel Cat
Ginger Cat
Black Cat

My Shopping Cart

Item Description Purchased
Rilakkuma ArtWork
Korilakkuma ArtWork
Keroppi ArtWork
Soot Sprite ArtWork
Lady Bug Cinni
Strawberry Soy Milk Nostalgic
Baby Bunny Solaria
Strawberry Solaria
Mixtape PaintKiller
12" Vinyl Record PaintKiller
Jack-o-lantern, 2023 PaintKiller
Soft Serve Icecream KeysKlubHouse
Hedgehog KeysKlubHouse
Red Magic Mushroom MossForestDollz
Pink Cotton Candy MossForestDollz
Jigglypuff RoseDryad
Pink Fairy Pony RoseDryad
Acorn DollArchive
Cabbage White Butterfly DollArchive
Rainbow Cobyzaby
Tiny Bat
Onigiri LoveTiny
Ramen LoveTiny
Mini Dango TheEnderDraco
Tree Sappling AntiKrist
Cuckoo Clock AntiKrist
Rainbow Crystal Shard PastelHell
Crystal Ball PastelHell
Calico Planter VampireValentine
Bunny Plush VampireValentine
Clown Cat FairyTrash
Purple Bunny FairyTrash
Beanie Baby Tag Jesterror
Sprinkle Cupcake DreamBubble
Pink Present DreamBubble


Yum-Yum Shoppe was a pixel club created in the early 2000s by Lani.

An archived version of the original site can be viewed here.

It has recently been revived, if you would like to join here are some links to the rules and a sample code for the table ♡